An International Perspective on School

Notre Dame students share their Canadian and Chinese school experiences

A group of Chinese International Students at Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School cooperatively wrote an article for their school’s online newspaper The article (featured below) gives a brief comparison of their experiences in school back home in China versus school here in Canada.

English Translation

School in China is very different from school in Canada. In China (for junior high school), I get to school at about half past seven every morning and finish school at six o’clock. Everyone has one classroom with about fifty other students, and they have most of the classes in this one room, they also keep their school bag here. Everyday we have morning reading where everybody reads the textbook aloud together. We start the first class at eight and every class is forty five minutes long with ten minutes to rest, we have seven or eight class a day. You can have nap or do your homework after lunch, because the lunch time is much longer than school in Canada. When you get home, you’ll be busy because you have a lot of homework to do, our homework is much more than Canada’s. Lots of students don’t get enough sleep. School is much different in China.

Chinese Translation

中国的学校和加拿大的学校很不一样。在中国 (初中), 我每天早上七点半左右到校, 六点钟放学。每个人有他们自己的一间教室,和其他约五十名学生一起,他们也把书包放在这里。每天我们都有早读, 每个人都一起大声朗读课本。我们八点开始上第一节课, 每节课45分钟, 休息10分钟, 每天有七八节课。午饭后你有空闲时间,可以小睡一会儿或者做作业, 因为中国学校午饭时间比加拿大学校长很多。当你回到家的时候, 你会很忙,因为你有很多作业要做,我们的作业比加拿大多很多。许多学生得不到足够的睡眠。中国的学校和加拿大的学校有很大的不同