September 2021 Applications
Applications for September 2021 are currently being accepted until April 30, 2021.
February 2021 Applications
Application Status: CLOSED

How to Apply

Fill out an application form. Click here for the application form. 

Incomplete applications will not be processed. 

  1. Applying from International Schools (High School):
    • Official Transcripts provided for previous years of High School (notarized and translated into English)
    • Recommended overall average = 80%
    • Minimum Grade allowed in Any Course in the most recent school year = 70%
    • No unexplained attendance issues
      • Minimum Grades allowed for consideration:
        • Mathematics = 80%
        • English = 80%
        • First Language = 80%
  2. Applying from a school within Canada:
    • Official Transcripts provided for all previous years of High School (transcripts from country of origin must be notarized and translated into English).
    • Official Credit Counselling Summary including Equivalency credits granted.
    • Completed Secondary Pre-Screening form – please email for proper form
    • Permission to contact staff at previous High School within Canada
    • Recommended Overall Average = 70%
    • No unexplained attendance issues
      • Minimum Grades allowed for consideration:
        • Mathematics = 70%
        • English = 70%
        • First Language = 70%

  3. Provide the $350.00 application fee (non-refundable), payable via GlobalPay for StudentsFor International payments only.
    For payment information within Canada, please email

  4. Attach a copy of your Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate (elementary only)

  5. Submit the above mentioned requirements via email at

    OR via regular mail to:

    International Student Program
    Planning Services

    Halton Catholic District School Board
    802 Drury Lane
    Burlington, ON   L7R 2Y2

Letter of Acceptance

Once the application, application fee and required documents are received from the applicant and approved, a Letter of Acceptance will be issued to the student.

The Letter of Acceptance will assist the student in applying for a Student Authorization (Study Permit) from Citizenship & Immigration Canada or the Consulate or Immigration Office in the applicant’s country of residence. The Student Authorization allows the student to study in Canada.

Tuition Payment

School tuition is required to be paid once the student has been approved.

A student will not be registered at their school until the tuition payment is received.

School Availability for February 2021

School Location Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Assumption Burlington (map) OPEN OPEN CLOSED CLOSED
Corpus Christi Burlington (map) OPEN OPEN CLOSED CLOSED
Notre Dame Burlington (map) OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN
Holy Trinity Oakville (map) OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN
St. Ignatius of Loyola Oakville (map) LIMITED LIMITED LIMITED CLOSED
St. Thomas Aquinas Oakville (map) OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN
Bishop Reding Milton (map) CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED
Christ the King Halton Hills (map) CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED

Elementary Schools

Please contact us regarding availability for Elementary Schools.

If you are applying to Primary grades 1 through 3, please note that a school will not be assigned until after the enrolment projections are completed at the end of September.

Transportation Eligibility

Once you have a homestay address, you can determine if you are eligible for busing while attending school by following the steps below.

Please note: You are only eligible for busing to your home school as determined by your homestay address.

Step 1. Visit the Halton Student Transportation Services website
Step 2. Click “Transportation Eligibility”
Step 3. Enter your homestay address
Step 4. Select “Halton Catholic District School Board”
Step 5. Select your grade
Step 6. Click “Submit”

18 Years & Older Students

International Students who will turn 18 during the school year that they are applying for will be considered if they will be able to complete the Ontario graduation requirements before the semester during they turn 19. If the students is not able to complete the Ontario graduation requirements before the semester they turn 19, they will be encouraged to attend Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School as of the semester that they will turn 19. International Students who have already been granted a high school diploma in their country of origin will be considered if they do not need to complete any Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements in order to apply to a post-secondary school in Ontario.