The following International Student testimonials were gathered through voluntary end of the school year surveys.

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What was your favourite experience while attending school at the HCDSB?


“My favourite part about Notre Dame was the ability to take part in extra-curricular activities, such as STEAM and L2L Tutoring. The extra-curriculars allow me to develop my communication skills outside the classroom as well as being educated.”

Student Name: Amir K.
HCDSB School: Notre Dame CSS
Home Country: Iran


“My favourite thing while attending school at the Halton Catholic DSB is the uniform. Uniforms makes everyone look the same. Students are more confident and not shy about “poor or rich” and how expensive your clothes are.”

Student Name: Thomas N.
HCDSB School: St. Ignatius of Loyola CSS
Home Country: Vietnam


“My favourite experiences are two field trips to go to University of Waterloo and Western University. Those are two amazing experiences and through that I finally knew what I want to do in university.”

Student Name: Victoria C.
HCDSB School: Notre Dame CSS
Home Country: China

Were you involved in any extra-curricular activities?


“I was a School Leadership Team Leader during the 2018-19 school year. What I enjoyed most was getting to develop my leadership and communication skills. I wanted to become a leader since I was little; I want to help as many people as I can. The Leadership Team not only helped me improve my communication skills, but also allowed me to help a lot of people.”

Student Name: Kerry X.
HCDSB School: St. Ignatius of Loyola CSS
Home Country: China


“I [joined] the STEAM Club and luckily became an executive. I enjoyed the STEAM events, we hung out with elementary students and showed them how things work and explained things to them. I also enjoy the L2L Program, teaching others and also made friends there. I feel happy when I share what I have learned.”

Student Name: Keyas L.
HCDSB School: Notre Dame CSS
Home Country: China


“I joined the  L2L Tutor Program. With the help of my tutors, I managed to achieve very satisfying marks in English and later on I became a Math Tutor which provided me with a chance to pay back to the program and the school society.”

Student Name: Emily (Aijia) Y.
HCDSB School: St. Thomas Aquinas CSS
Home Country: China

Would you recommend the HCDSB to other potential International Students? 


“Yes, the school is very nice. The environment in Halton Region is also good.”

Student Name: Yibo F.
HCDSB School: Corpus Christi CSS
Home Country: China


“Yes, because it is such a wonderful experience studying here. I got to know some wonderful individuals at this school, and also had the time and opportunity to try things I never experienced before. We also get the chance to get involved in some interesting classes such as repertoire and arts to find our own potential.”

Student Name: Kelly Y.
HCDSB School: Corpus Christi CSS
Home Country: China


“I would recommend other international students here since the courses, especially English, are quite challenging [and lay] a solid basis for future university as well as other relaxing curriculum including music, arts, and sports with dedicated teachers.”

Student Name: Kevin Z.
HCDSB School: Corpus Christi CSS
Home Country: China

Do you have any other comments related to your experience at the HCDSB?


“Before I came to Canada, I was very nervous about a new country and a new school. However, [my choice] to be an HCDSB International Student was a good experience in every area in the school community. I feel very happy that I chose this.”

Student Name: Linh N.
HCDSB School: Jean Vanier CSS
Home Country: Vietnam


“It is a great experience to study in HCDSB and be an International Student at Notre Dame. I really highly recommend other international students come to join the greatest school board – HCDSB! I really enjoyed all the memories in my two high school years!”

Student Name: Ryan L.
HCDSB School: Notre Dame CSS
Home Country: China


“It is just amazing. One of the best parts of my life.”

Student Name: Harry Y.
HCDSB School: Holy Trinity CSS
Home Country: China


Some student testimonials have been edited for clarity.