The following International Student testimonials were gathered through voluntary end of the school year surveys.

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What was your favourite experience while attending school at the HCDSB?


“I can recall many favourite things/experiences that I lived while attending Loyola. One of them is being able to meet people from all around the world, such as Europeans, Asians, among other people that speak Spanish like me. Furthermore, the fact that I got to learn English and other subjects that I personally wanted, had amazing teachers and small things like having my own locker, made my whole experience very good.”

Student Name: Andres
HCDSB School: St. Ignatius of Loyola CSS
Home Country: Venezuela


“The best part of the high school system here was that I could plan out my own high school life according to my dreams, goals, and personal interests. After filling in my time table with courses related to my post-secondary goals, the rest of the space was for me to take whatever I’m interested in, such as foods, personal fiance, and weight training.”

Student Name: Kyle H.
HCDSB School: St. Ignatius of Loyola CSS
Home Country: South Korea


“The variety of classes, and the friendly studying atmosphere. I enjoy learning history, and religion class is my favourite subject.”

Student Name: Peter S.
HCDSB School: Assumption CSS
Home Country: China

Were you involved in any extra-curricular activities?


“I [joined] the STEAM Club and luckily became an executive. I enjoyed the STEAM events, we hung out with elementary students and showed them how things work and explained things to them. I also enjoy the L2L Program, teaching others and also made friends there. I feel happy when I share what I have learned.”

Student Name: Keyas L.
HCDSB School: Notre Dame CSS
Home Country: China


“I joined the  L2L Tutor Program. With the help of my tutors, I managed to achieve very satisfying marks in English and later on I became a Math Tutor which provided me with a chance to pay back to the program and the school society.”

Student Name: Emily (Aijia) Y.
HCDSB School: St. Thomas Aquinas CSS
Home Country: China


“I joined the badminton club. There, I found people who enjoy badminton and also some worthy players. It made me bring back my passion about sports again.”

Student Name: Richard Z.
HCDSB School: Assumption CSS
Home Country: China

Would you recommend the HCDSB to other potential International Students? 


“It’s my first time in my life that I have an equal and friendly relationship with my teachers. They always help me and accept me even though I’m not a Canadian student.”

Student Name: Vivian Z.
HCDSB School: Holy Trinity CSS
Home Country: China


“I would recommend other international students to attend school at HCDSB because of the physical location of schools and class sizes.”

Student Name: Shaojie S.
HCDSB School: Jean Vanier CSS
Home Country: China


“Yes, for sure. I think I chose the best school board that every international student should go to. All the teachers and students and school staff are very willing to help us with school life.”

Student Name: Shirley X.
HCDSB School: Notre Dame CSS
Home Country: China

Do you have any other comments related to your experience at the HCDSB?


“It is just amazing. One of the best parts of my life.”

Student Name: Harry Y.
HCDSB School: Holy Trinity CSS
Home Country: China


“The school community is very welcoming and supportive, definitely going to recommend to other students to reach out for the extra help provided by the school and the HCDSB youth and settlement workers.”

Student Name: Sarah Z.
HCDSB School: Corpus Christi CSS
Home Country: China


“It is a great experience to study in HCDSB and be an International Student at Notre Dame. I really highly recommend other international students come to join the greatest school board – HCDSB! I really enjoyed all the memories in my two high school years!”

Student Name: Ryan L.
HCDSB School: Notre Dame CSS
Home Country: China


Some student testimonials have been edited for clarity.