“The various courses available throughout the school have helped me prepare for my post-secondary success. I personally want to get into software engineering, and the courses that I took since Grade 10 have helped me tremendously to successfully prepare for not just post-secondary education, but also throughout my life.”
Jason K., South Korea
“Joining the volleyball team was a dream I had and I did it. Now I’m enjoying a lot.”
Luiz Augusto K., Brazil
"Canada is a very friendly country, people are very nice and understanding. Schools are beautiful and teachers are very welcoming.”
Ashley S., Albania
“I study lots of courses which can help me with my future learning. I study essay writing, math and chemistry, which I could be using later on.”
Sam W., China
"Here [at the HCDSB] in terms of science (biology, chemistry) labs are ever equipped and ready with chemicals and materials ready to be used for every student individually. While from my home country, you study about things, but labs are done by the teacher while you are watching.”
James N., Uganda