The following International Student testimonials were gathered through voluntary end of the school year surveys.

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What was your favourite experience while attending school at the HCDSB?


“My favourite thing while attending school at the Halton Catholic DSB is the uniform. Uniforms makes everyone look the same. Students are more confident and not shy about “poor or rich” and how expensive your clothes are.”

Student Name: Thomas N.
HCDSB School: St. Ignatius of Loyola CSS
Home Country: Vietnam


“I gained lots of valuable experiences. The most favorite thing was joining the soccer team. Also I enjoyed being part of the Assumption music band. Even though my first language is not English, I got acquainted with this great community easily. Overall, every second of my life in Assumption was truly unforgettable.”

Student Name: Parsa
HCDSB School: Assumption CSS
Home Country: Iran


“My favourite part about Notre Dame was the ability to take part in extra-curricular activities, such as STEAM and L2L Tutoring. The extra-curriculars allow me to develop my communication skills outside the classroom as well as being educated.”

Student Name: Amir K.
HCDSB School: Notre Dame CSS
Home Country: Iran

Were you involved in any extra-curricular activities?


“I joined the Computer Club. Computer Club is more academic that prepares me for the competition [of university]. In contrast, I enjoy the music courses here, they offer me great opportunities learning different instruments.”

Student Name: Kevin Z.
HCDSB School: Corpus Christi CSS
Home Country: China


“I was a School Leadership Team Leader during the 2018-19 school year. What I enjoyed most was getting to develop my leadership and communication skills. I wanted to become a leader since I was little; I want to help as many people as I can. The Leadership Team not only helped me improve my communication skills, but also allowed me to help a lot of people.”

Student Name: Kerry X.
HCDSB School: St. Ignatius of Loyola CSS
Home Country: China


“The biggest part of my extra-curricular activities in high school was my involvement in academic contests. Through preparing and competing in the contests, I could improve my learning skills and academic capabilities beyond the school curriculum. Also, being part of sports teams, such as badminton and track & field, allowed me to enjoy my school life even after all the classes are over.”

Student Name: Kyle H.
HCDSB School: St. Ignatius of Loyola CSS
Home Country: South Korea

Would you recommend the HCDSB to other potential International Students? 


“I would recommend other international students to attend school at HCDSB because of the physical location of schools and class sizes.”

Student Name: Shaojie S.
HCDSB School: Jean Vanier CSS
Home Country: China


“It’s my first time in my life that I have an equal and friendly relationship with my teachers. They always help me and accept me even though I’m not a Canadian student.”

Student Name: Vivian Z.
HCDSB School: Holy Trinity CSS
Home Country: China


“Yes. I strongly recommend our school to International Students if they are more academic, our schools have great teachers. You will be able to learn university courses in advance.”

Student Name: Alisa (Xuefei) Z.
HCDSB School: Assumption CSS
Home Country: China

Do you have any other comments related to your experience at the HCDSB?


“It is just amazing. One of the best parts of my life.”

Student Name: Harry Y.
HCDSB School: Holy Trinity CSS
Home Country: China


“Attending Loyola has prepared me greatly for my post-secondary success. When I first arrived to Canada, it was a whole new culture for me, and I was able to adapt to it. Now I am going to study in Argentina, a place that I have never been before and it is going to be easier now because of my experience in Canada. Besides, nowadays globalized companies look for people that speak English fluently, and for this reason I feel happy that I got the chance to learn the language.”

Student Name: Andres
HCDSB School: St. Ignatius of Loyola CSS
Home Country: Venezuela


“Before I came to Canada, I was very nervous about a new country and a new school. However, [my choice] to be an HCDSB International Student was a good experience in every area in the school community. I feel very happy that I chose this.”

Student Name: Linh N.
HCDSB School: Jean Vanier CSS
Home Country: Vietnam


Some student testimonials have been edited for clarity.