2022-23 International Student Scholarship Award Recipients!

Our Board is incredibly proud to announce the recipients of our 2022-23 International Student Program Scholarship Awards!

Congratulations to all of our hard-working graduating students, we wish you continued success throughout your post-secondary and post-elementary career!

Please visit our Scholarships page for full descriptions of our Scholarship Awards.

Top International Student – University Pathway Award

Chris W. – St. Ignatius of Loyola CSS

Since Chris’ arrival to Canada in 2018, he has been an integral member of the Loyola school community. Chris believes in the idea that we create our own success and to that end has always worked very hard to achieve his academic goals. During his time at Loyola, Chris was a member of the Multicultural Club which has solidified his language and networking skills.

Chris is confident in his language and ability to embrace his new culture in a positive way. As well as his academic achievement, Chris is a great asset to the Loyola school community. He has tutored his peers in Math and he sees the importance diversity makes in a community.

As a result of his commitment to academics, Chris was accepted into his desired program at McMaster University. He also received the Top International Student at St. Ignatius of Loyola Secondary School Award.

Top International Student – College Pathway Award

Osanna K. – Corpus Christi CSS

Osanna is a strong and visible leader among the Corpus Christi student population. She is a model of kindness and compassion who acculturated well to living in Canada. Her high academics, out-going personality, and faith also make her a model student for newcomers to Corpus Christi.

She stepped outside her comfort zone in order to truly challenge herself to improve and succeed. She formed close friendships and friend groups with diverse students to broaden her understanding of different backgrounds, cultures, and interests. She contributed to the school community through her art contributions to many different initiatives. She taught children art skills through her Co-op placement where she also attended art classes taught by the owner, who was a former Disney Animator. The result of her hardwork and dedication was being accepted into Seneca College’s highly competitive animation program.

Osanna is an International Student who has achieved wide-reaching success. She also received the Most-Well Rounded Student Award and Top International Student at Corpus Christi Secondary School Award.

Community Involvement Award

Ryn C.
St. Thomas Aquinas CSS

“Ryn taught Korean speaking youth English as their second language through a program that was set up to provide services for underprivileged children in our community.”

Most Well-Rounded Student Award

Osanna K.
Corpus Christi CSS

“Osanna organized events for WE-ALL, where she was a strong example of the success of Halton Catholic District School Board’s International Student Program and where she became a supporter of other students in following their own dreams to be successful in our school board.”

Leadership in Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Award

Yihao M.
St. Ignatius of Loyola CSS

“Yihao is involved in school community activities such as the Leadership Program with our settlement worker, he sees the importance diversity makes in a community.”

Felix (Xiaoshan) G.
St. Luke CES

“Felix participated in gathering donations for McMaster Children’s Hospital, and creating Valentine’s cards for Canadian Veterans to show appreciation for the service they have given us.”

Top International Student at a Secondary School Award

Osanna K.
Corpus Christi CSS

“Concurrent with her development as an artist, Osanna developed herself as a leader among our student population.”

Zhengyu J.
Holy Trinity CSS

“Zhengyu was an active participant in Team 3161 Tronic Titans Robotics Team at Holy Trinity, creating components for this year’s championship robot.”

Chris W.
St. Ignatius of Loyola CSS

“Chris is a role model for International Students with his work ethic and inspiring drive to succeed.”

Ryn C.
St. Thomas Aquinas CSS

“Ryn was an active member of the St. Thomas Aquinas Voyage Science Club, which is a club for students who are interested in science and desire to explore a variety of materials that are not included in the school curriculum.”

Top International Student at an Elementary School Award

Felix (Xiaoshan) G.
St. Luke CES

Tanish N.
St. Nicholas CES


Brandon (JeongHun) C.
St. Vincent CES