Graduating Class of 2019 Event

Our first annual International Student Graduate event took place on May 22, 2019, at Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School in Burlington.

The evening began in the theatre with a congratulatory speech by Pat Daly, Director of Education at the HCDSB. Pat spoke about the importance of International Students at our Board, and how they strengthen our school communities. He commended our graduating students for their admirable hard work and perseverance.

The second guest speaker of the afternoon, Doris Ding, a recent Corpus Christi CSS International Student graduate and a current student at both the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, spoke about her experiences at post-secondary. Doris also answered questions asked by our graduates, which included inquires about the post-secondary application process, course difficulty and workload, and the importance of self-discipline and keeping organized.

A commemorative slideshow followed, which featured photos submitted by graduating students that were taken during their time at our Board. Students enjoyed reminiscing with each other about their time spent at school and exploring Halton and surrounding areas.

A fully catered dinner was held in the cafeteria. During dinner, Doris continued to answer questions and spoke with the students about what they can expect after they graduate. Students and staff also had the opportunity to socialize together.

Congratulations to the International Student Program Class of 2019!