International Students, who are 18 years or older, have the opportunity to attend our 18 & Over program, located at Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School (CSS) in Oakville.

This specialized bridge program has been carefully developed to better assist students with improving their English skills or completing or upgrading secondary credits that may be required for graduating and receiving an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Thomas Merton CSS provides a flexible environment that offers a variety of course options for students who are wishing to explore different educational pathways. Students who successfully complete our 18 & Over program can expect to be fully prepared for their post-secondary journey!

Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School
171 Speers Road, Oakville

Program Details

International Students 18 years and over can choose from multiple program lengths based on their specific needs.

Full School Year: September – June
Semester 1: September – January
Semester 2: February – June

Single or Double Module *New!
Module 1:
September – October
Module 2: October – December
Module 3: December – January
Module 4: February – March
Module 5: March – May
Module 6: May – June

Program Schedule 2019-20

For detailed course descriptions, please click here.

Subject Specific Credit Courses 2019-20

Students who are enroled in Modules 2, 3 and/or 5 can choose one (1) Subject Specific Credit per module from the following options.

Module 2

  1. English (ENG 4C1-01)
  2. English (ENG 4U1-01)
  3. Advanced Functions (MHF 4U1-01)
  4. Health for Life (PPZ 3C1-01)
  5. Biology (SBI 4U1-01)
  6. Co-op (NGC 4OA-02/08)

Module 3

  1. Law (CLN 4C/4U1-01)
  2. Aboriginal Voices/English (ENG/NBE 3U1-01)
  3. Workplace Math/PLAR Math & Science (MEL 3E1-02)
  4. Physics U/C (SPH 3U/4C-01)
  5. Co-op (NGC 4OA-03/09)

Module 5

  1. Business Leadership (BOH 4M1-01)
  2. English (ENG 4C1-03)
  3. English (ENG 4U1-02)
  4. Aboriginal Voices/English 3E/3C (NBE 3E/3C-02)
  5. Biology C/U (SBI 3C/3UI-02)
  6. Chemistry (SCH 4U1-01)
  7. Co-op (NGC 4OA-05/11)

For detailed Subject Specific Credit course information, please contact Thomas Merton CSS directly at +1 905-849-7555 or

Tuition & Fees

All tuition includes mandatory Medical Coverage from Ingle Insurance.

Application Fee (new students)
$350.00 non-refundable

Full School Year

Single Semester

Single Module *New!

Please note: Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Apply Now!

Current Students
Our current International Students should contact the guidance office at their school to get the transfer process started.

New Students

  1. Fill out an Application Form (requested school = Thomas Merton CSS)
  2. Pay the $350.00 application fee (non-refundable)
  3. Submit your completed Application Form via email to

Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines
Full School Year May 31, 2019
Semester 1 May 31, 2019
Semester 2 November 29, 2019
Module 1 May 31, 2019
Module 2 July 19, 2019
Module 3 August 30, 2019
Module 4 October 18, 2019
Module 5 November 29, 2019
Module 6 March 31, 2020