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The recommended payment process for International Students to pay their application and tuition fees (from outside of Canada) is through Western Union GlobalPay for International. This option allows you to pay your fees in the currency of your choice, in both an efficient and inexpensive manner.

Learn More About GlobalPay for Students

Watch this informative video to learn more about how GlobalPay for Students works.

Step-by-Step Payment Process Guide

Step 1: Visit the GlobalPay for Students Website

For instructions to make payments within Canada contact: isp@hcdsb.org

Step 2: Select Country applying from and “Level of Study” (Elementary or Secondary)”

Enter the payment details, which includes information about the person paying the fees, and your preferred language for the emailed payment instructions. Please contact us if your home country’s currency is not listed.

Step 3: Choose your method of payment
Step 4: Enter Personal Details

Enter your personal details, including your Student ID, also known as your International Student Program (ISP) Number (e.g. ISP-2015-012).

If you are a new applicant, and do not yet have an ISP Number, please enter: ISP-0000-000
New applicants will be assigned an ISP Number once their application has been processed.

Step 5: Print Payment Instructions

You will receive the payment instructions via the email you provided. Follow the payment instructions to complete the payment in person at your bank, or you can complete the payment online if your bank offers online banking.

Issues Making Payments

If you are unable to make a payment using GlobalPay for Students, please ensure:

  • You have entered the correct information in all the required fields
  • Your pop-up blocker is disabled

If you are still experiencing issues, please email studentinquiries@westernunion.com, or call 1-877-218-8829 for further assistance.

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